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Lee Brecheen


I’m Lee Brecheen and thank you for your interest in me and the services I provide in making sure both you, and the college football program you go to, get the maximum value possible.  While this site is dedicated to getting recruits paired with a great college, I’m also the owner of the following enterprises:

  • LA Football Magazine
  • LA Football TV Magazine
  • LA Football Magazine Video
  • LAFootballMagazine Consulting
  •  Website

My Bio:  

As a result of his knowledge of Louisiana football, Lee initially broke into the business in 1992 as a football scout.  He regularly consults with, and is called upon by, major college football programs throughout the country for information and advice regarding scholarship prospects from among Louisiana’s high school football players.  Additionally, Lee consults with parents of high school football players at all levels of potential and is highly successful at matching players with colleges throughout the country.

Lee has owned LA Football Magazine since 1996 to provide sports fans with in-depth coverage of the top football players and coaches in over 500 High School and 11 College University sports programs in Louisiana.  Lee has captivated sports fans with the premiere statewide publication that provides generous details including personal interviews with players and their coaches.  The editorial content of the magazine reflects the writer’s professional knowledgeable account of issues that are important to real sports fans.  College coaches Nationwide across the country respect his opinion and frequently refer to him and his magazine for recruiting purposes.  

Lee not only films and studies the college football prospects; he has a close professional relationship with their coaches nationwide, who verify essential current information on each one. Lee recognizes the college recruiter’s need for quality film and frequently updated information, and takes great pride in delivering both with LA Football Magazine Video and LA Football Magazine Consulting.

In August, 2005, Lee began airing a live, one-half hour television program, LA Football TV Magazine, on Cox 4 in order to provide another venue to promote Louisiana football athletes, coaches and items of interest to sports fans.   The response from the viewers was phenominal and encouraged him to increase the air time to one hour.  The live program airs each Tuesday on Cox 4 at 6:30 P.M and repeats later at 10:30 P.M., as well as an additional three times during the week.  Live programs are aired from September 1st to the end of February; re-runs continue until the start of the new season in September.  Lee’s T.V. guests include: top football recruits, as well as “sleepers” who can often be overlooked, high school coaches from throughout the state, prominent Louisiana football players (many well-known professionals, who were, in the past, profiled and promoted by Lee as top football players), and special guests with topics of interest. 

In spite of his busy schedule, Lee still finds the time to accept speaking engagements, including college and high school alumni events, appear as a guest on a number of TV and Radio programs.  He has  also sponsors camps for high school football players.  Camps are  run by the following:  Jimmy Williams of  NFL Seattle Seahawks (camp in Baton Rouge, LA); Nate Livins of Cincinnati Bengals (camp in Lake Charles, LA); Randal Gay of New Orleans Saints (camp in Brusly, LA); and Coach Byron Dawson of Evangel High School and Demetric Evans of Washington Redskins (camp in Shreveport, LA).

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Lee can be reached at 225-975-0691