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Fan: John Burke

“Team sports is so effective to the development of a young man!  In the struggle of competition players learn about themselves and their teammates.  Those who were fortunate to play high school football talk about it for the rest of their lives.  So, it’s no surprise that high school football is important to most of us in Louisiana.  And those who love high school football love La. Football Magazine.  There is simply no one else bringing in-depth coveage like this.”  –  John Burke, Home School Saints Fan.

Coach: Sam Messina, Loranger High School

“I think the magazine and the TV Show have been a great service to the athletes in the State of Louisiana.  I feel that Lee has done an outstanding job of getting recognition to a load of La. high school players over the years.  He has gone above and beyond helping to get the names of lesser known players in circulation as well.”  – Sam Messina, Head Coach, Loranger High School, La.   2/26/2013

Parent: Robert Huet, Fountainbleau High School, Mandeville, LA.

“Good afternoon Lee,
I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you took coaching us and getting Andrew the best opportunities for success at the college level.

We feel like our money was well spent and you also gave us some great contacts with trainers and conditioning programs to help Andrew get bigger, faster, stronger and more valuable to his high school team.

The methodical way you approached presenting Andrew to potential colleges was impressive. Your guiding us how to take game film from the appropriate angles and field depth helped us put together the plays you used in Andrew’s highlight DVD. We had several schools call and express interest in Andrew and in fact we made several campus visits and even had college coaches come to the house and visit Andrew at Fontainebleau. I appreciate all you did to give Andrew the best chance to continue his love for football past high school and on into college. Your marketing skills, putting Andrew on your TV show, in your magazine, and the 90+ DVD’s you sent to all your contacts went a long way to giving him the exposure to have a shot. And that was all we asked for up front. I feel we made a great choice using your talents, expertise, and contacts and I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to give their son the best opportunity to play college ball.

Best wishes always and thanks again.
Parent Testimonial, 3/8/2013

Coach: Tony Paine, Assumption High School

“I think I speak for many La. Coaches when I say, we really appreciate what Lee and his staff do for high school students athletes.  No other magazine or TV Show promotes our student athletes in such a positive manner.  Lee and his staff share a common goal with High School coaches, which is to get our student athletes to the next level  in order to improve their way of life.” – Tony Paine, Head Coach Assumption High School, La.  2/26/2013

Coach: Louie Cook, Notre Dame, Crowley

“Lee has done wonders for Louisiana High School Footballo.  His work has promoted schools and players not only in Louisiana, but throughout the South.  He has developed a reputation in this business that has opened doors for kids in this state.  His concerns have always been for the schools and the kids since he started in this business years ago.  Lee has helped countless high school football players continue their careers, and have given them opportunities that they may not have gotten on their own.” – Head Coach Louie Cook, Notre Dame High, Crowley, La.

Coach: Andy Boone, Avoyelles High School

“Great show and magazine.  All of our players and parents love it.  Gives great exposure for coaches and players.  We look for it [the show] when it is on in our area.”  –  Head Coach, Andy Boone, Avoyelles High School, La. 23 Feb, 2013