Game Day Film Breakdowns

I visit many, many schools and get my own first hand view of region-wide talent and do video breakdowns for College Coaches and Parents. More »

La. Football TV Magazine

I often use my television show to maximize exposure for top recruits and football programs. More »



Parent Consulting Services

Why work with me:

  •  22 years of player evaluation for colleges.

  • Working with over 500 colleges around the country.

  • Includes  D1, Sub-Division 1AA, D2, D3, NAIA, Prep Schools, and Jr. Colleges.

  • Colleges seek me out for early evaluation and video archives.

  • Long track record of success and honesty (see Testimonials)


When to hire me:

  • Two Key Timeframes:

    • After Sophmore year to help prepare you for what’s coming up.
    • After Junior year preparing highlight tapes and full on marketing to matched colleges.
  • You are realistic about the child’s athletic ability.

  • When you know that I will fairly and accurately evaluate and match make your son to the right college.

How I work with you:

  • I will not accept a client until I have personally reviewed/seen two FULL high school game tapes.

  • When I know that we are both working toward an accurate and best fit for you son.

  • Then we enter a consulting arrangement.